Have you had cancer treatment? Or always had swollen ankles that you can't seem to control? Chronic leg ulcers? All the women in your family have "fat legs"? Has your doctor given up trying to help or just given you diuretics and sent you on your way?

These are all possible signs of lymphatic disorders such as lymphoedema, phlebolymphoedema and lipoedema.



Jade Room at the Cordis Hotel

83 Symonds Street



Cost $20 per person, 

CPD Certificate for health professionals $50



So what are these conditions? At their most basic, you may know them as fluid retention or swelling, but there's a lot more to them and there's a lot to be learnt about how to live a better life with these conditions, so we are running a public information day! 

We've got speakers to talk about these conditions and how they are diagnosed, the treatment options and how we can work together to manage them, and give you a better quality of life. You'll have the chance to see product demonstrations, talk with therapists and a range of support services

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